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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

dream wedding... (whuuu o.O

~Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to everyone~
thanks for spend your time in this blog
my last task for this assignment...
i choose the topic that  i don't really like to talk about or share to public actually
that is
"my dream wedding"

ya, like everyone else. i also have my own dream weeding too
but, my dream wedding not like others, want a beautiful dresses like in the fairy tale story, be the most gorgeous bridge in the world. i mean, ya. everyone want the best for their wedding day, me too.
but to me, the most important in my weeding day is my 'akad nikah' and everyone happy.
maybe i say like this because i don't have any boyfriend yet, haha. ya, maybe my thinking will change after this
buy , i really hope not. peace :D
the wedding ring
the thing that really important to each of wedding couple, the symbol that unite the two heart and two soul until jannah, Insya-Allah.
i really wish i will wear that ring one day, 
i don't care about how much the price is, or what the brand is
the most important to me is :
the chosen man who dare to propose me in-front of my parent
the chosen man who always be there beside me when i need him
the chosen man who always remind me about the religion things
the chosen man who will said the 'akad' with the calm smiling
the chosen man who sheathe the ring in my ring finger
the chosen man who i will kiss his hand in my wedding day
.and the chosen man who will kiss my forehead with his love.
that all i need in my wedding day
and this is my real dream wedding :)

best family ever!

hye and Assalamualaikum~
new topic? yap, of course it's an assignment again
and we are given the freedom to chose, so i decide to choose "FAMILY" topic.
i can say my family are the best family ever,haha.why?
because. . . .don't know, just i really love them and to me, each of them so special and cannot be replace by another person, why i struggle so much in my study, just because of them. ya! i want to make my parents happy and proud of me, i want my sibling also proud to have me as one of our family member.
my family is my apart of my life, without them. i'm not here, me, cannot stand here where i'm standing now.
it's all because of my family, so. 
let me introduce my family member, but not all, because i don't have all of their photo.hehehe
my lovely parent, the one who born me in this wonderful world, the one who raise me up until now, the one who always feels worries if anything happened to met,the one who always give me anything that i wanted.
the one who always taking care of me since i was born 19 years ago, the one who cry for me when i'm being send to hospital because of accident, the one who never mad me although me was so stubborn kid and always lead to a problem, the only one who give me the full  knowledge, education, without any complaining.
i swear, one day they will be happy and proud of me and will not feels worries about me, because i will do anything to them! for sure.
see this lovely beautiful couple, she is my sister and my brother in low.ops! i bet she will jump and jump non stop if she read this post, haha. hmm, ok, ya! admit it, she is beautiful sister to my, i mean... just looked at me, ngeeeee ^_^
she also the important person to me because she is the one will give money if i asked, haha
not only that ok, she also the one who always give me the advice, motivation and always supporting what ever i'm doing, and make me fell happy and smile if there any problem happened.
and the one advice that always stick in my mind is "trust me, you 'must' to get marriage after your graduate or in 23 and 24 years old,if not. you will be in trouble, your posting. bla.bla.bla"
hahaha, ok kakja, i will always remember that, although i don't have any boyfriend yet~whuuuu
hehehe, who are them?
they are the one who always give me headache with their voice and acting.
they are my little sister and brother, honestly they are so so anoying! but honestly again they are the one who make me cry here because of being apart from them, i love them so much, uuuu, touching. and i bet they will lough non stop and scream tell my mother if read this post, yup. confirm!
each of my family member will always stay in my heart forever, no matter happened.
in this picture, the one who had left us last year 24th January 2011, after it was complete a month of her birthday, 24 December 2010. Al-fatihah
honestly, it was the first time in my life i was crying like that, so worse. i bet my face was so ugly that time, but. it's nothing in my mind at that time, when i see that face. that face that before this always smile, lough together with me, the only one who take care of me while i am just a little kid that don't know anything when my mother go to work, the one who always mad me because i put the cat on  her bed because she don't like the cat's fur,she is the one who  i'm talking about and that time
 just stiff and pale without blood!
she left me, my family and leave her memory with us, she had to because Allah was calling her, i know Allah love her so much and want to her fell the freedom, she had so much suffering because of her diseases, chronic kidney diseases. it was almost 6 year. 
it is still new, each time when i come back to my hometown, i can still fell she is there. she is watching me, my family, because of that. i try to keep my eyes not to cry, i don't want she fell sad out there. i want she be  happy, i really wish she can get the happiness that she should deserve it since 6 year ago.
insya-allah, i bet she will get all of that. if true she can see me and hearing me now, i just want to tell her something that i did not have the opportunity to tell her when her last breath, "i love you, and i always love you"
Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for given me the amazing opportunity to be with her although it just for awhile, although it just for 17 years.
ehem2,. ok ok,done! no more tears hokey.
not in this post, hasraul appendi, aslinda, hafizullah, khirul rahimi, nurul ain and mohd soleehin, sorry because not include your as my stories, it' not mean i don't love you
i love each of my family member, and all of your bring the wonderful color ever that i will never get in other world into my life, Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for this precious present ever!