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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

dream wedding... (whuuu o.O

~Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to everyone~
thanks for spend your time in this blog
my last task for this assignment...
i choose the topic that  i don't really like to talk about or share to public actually
that is
"my dream wedding"

ya, like everyone else. i also have my own dream weeding too
but, my dream wedding not like others, want a beautiful dresses like in the fairy tale story, be the most gorgeous bridge in the world. i mean, ya. everyone want the best for their wedding day, me too.
but to me, the most important in my weeding day is my 'akad nikah' and everyone happy.
maybe i say like this because i don't have any boyfriend yet, haha. ya, maybe my thinking will change after this
buy , i really hope not. peace :D
the wedding ring
the thing that really important to each of wedding couple, the symbol that unite the two heart and two soul until jannah, Insya-Allah.
i really wish i will wear that ring one day, 
i don't care about how much the price is, or what the brand is
the most important to me is :
the chosen man who dare to propose me in-front of my parent
the chosen man who always be there beside me when i need him
the chosen man who always remind me about the religion things
the chosen man who will said the 'akad' with the calm smiling
the chosen man who sheathe the ring in my ring finger
the chosen man who i will kiss his hand in my wedding day
.and the chosen man who will kiss my forehead with his love.
that all i need in my wedding day
and this is my real dream wedding :)

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