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Sunday, 29 April 2012

greatest event !!!

next topic that given  by our lecturer
 "post about one event in your college"
so, i decide to post  about "chinese new year festival"
errrr, don't know actually, wahaha. it just because this a really really big event ever in KIC so far
and, we have some activity during the event. that are.
making chiness new year card
class decoration
quiz competition
making lantern
chiness new year fashion show
Orange eating time
and these are the photo to show you how happening the event is~lalala

 our artist hand, drawing the card
 there she is, Fat'hul jannah, ika was monitor her.heee
 errr,no comment about this,haha.. acap and fidzy, acting like a good daughter 'her'father,
 why?don't know, they always being like that...-_-'
after about 3 hours, beautiful right, those hand show our cooperation among us.
good job dickinsionas :D
 Orange eating time, by aina, kak izni, kamilah, jannah, yuyui and afiah
eating 10 big Orange  in 10 minute, err. thank god i'm not involve in this game, i totally don't like eat Orange.heee

 quiz about chinese new year, there white shirt is acap, the leader of our class team, the blue one at behind,ida, tharch, nabila,and nesa
making lantern, ME, amal, tay, ngo and linges

 haha, the fashion show time, making a cheong Sam by the newspaper,
and she is our model, shahira >_<
 err, hehe. this is randomly photo that show fidzy and acap have fun play with our lecturer's son.hehe
 class decoration, those are our name write in chinese language, hehe
i love this because i'm the one who make this.hehehe
there is it, our class after i weekjust simple but nice,
and to me. it was so beautiful!!! :D
the result, we got second place, it's ok what even fell  a little dis pointed because we were so struggling in that 2 week and i really hope our class will be the champion
but, i'm so happy with that.
peace! it is me,hehehe
 wish you a very nice day.
bye and asalamualaikum~lalala

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