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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

hobbies . . .???

Asalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.
ok, actually i have many hobbies because i'm the person that always
fast to getting bored with one thing only..hehehe
but, in this entry. Insya-Allah i will share my top three favorite hobbies in my life.

~>first and foremost, my hobby is SLEEP !!! wahaha
   -oyeah, sleep really make me feel so good. nothing to think, 
     nothing to do, just me and myself, having fun with the 
     amazing created dream that never thought before.
i'm serious, trust me ok.hehehe


~>second, i like to WRITING!!! ngeee
      - ya, writing. anything that i feel, anything that come 
         across in to my mind, i will interpreting it trough the 
         writing, in form of story or diary..ngeh, usually i just 
         make it into a story, such a very long time i don't write my diary.
until now, i already have 3 story made by my self, ngee. one of them is a novel, 
and the other two is just a short story. all the story i made is a true story
that experienced by myself or my friend. But, all my story
just in Bahasa because i'm not really good in English writing..hehehe
peace yooouu!

 ~>third, hehehe. i like to WINDOW SHOPPING!!. ngehehe.
but, that is not mean that i love to shopping, or i'm a shopaholic okey !!
i just like to walking around the shopping mall, buying some chocolate or sneak.
i love to see many different and unique of human altitude. it's make me feel so relax and can learn
many from other person altitude. it's also make me know myself better.hehehe

there.....my top three of favorite hobbies, i'm a quiet weird right??
but, yeah.. it's me, so. deal with it.
thank you for reading! bye.

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