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Saturday, 21 April 2012

world that i never imagine

Asalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all readers..

my first migration after 18 years never be far from my lovely family

8 august 2011
here, me. had change almost 360 degree (agaknya la)
from nobody TO somebody, hehehe >_<
my lovely+sweet house mate, tQ for receive me at 601-B and for take care of me
since first semester  >_<
in this picture.
niza, ME, rab, kam, afiah, nazatul, aina, kak izni, ida, naza, maya,
kak yong ( house leader), akmal, safiah, amira, puteri, fathirah (my roomate), nasya and yana.
not in this picture.
kak yan, wawa, linges (ex-housemate, she had to move to 706-B because of something)  :'( 

there's no word i can describe this video.
this video  actually made by me, auni,and nabella.
as our presentation task.
but, this video mean a lot to me
from classmate TO family
 they bring me to the world that i never though
i don't know how is  my life without them.
thanks a lot for given me a change to be in this family...

maturah and fidzy (our first staging of Emily Dickinson)

lovely class rap (acap) and our respective even menager (fidzy)
sweet kan .. hehehe

again acap and fidzy, also our assistant even manager,(fanvian fan fan)
i love this picture!

 our festival game (bowling kelapa)
acap, fidzy, kam, insyi and jannah
so cute!!!
 festival presentation
acap(again), aira, fanvian(again),zulaika,ME!, and pinky bear

whoa!! credit to me ok coz i'm the person who take this picture

auuu.. my ex desk mate (aina, masturah, amal, ida and me)
always love all of you dear

 again, my ex desk mate...peace!
 we are so talented, yea!

 hehe, in shuttle bus..going to KFC, our first gathering..

hehe, lovely cute friends jannah and insyirah

maulidur rasul event..
oyaeh!black is beautiful kan?!!!

!!! MEANING OF friendship+family=LOVE !!!


  1. wahh..bestnye dpt study oversea..congrats anyway.. all the best ye dik..keep in touch.. and dont forget to visit my blog..thanks ya :)


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  2. errr...oversea??
    ktorng blaja kat cyberjaya la abg aizat